Liquid Sky

Tonight Cubby took me to see the remastered addition of a cult favorite of mine, "Liquid Sky". This movie is a big influence on me. It was beautiful. Afterwards i got to get Slava and Anne's autograph on my vhs copy. This movie is important, it is a huge new wave fuck you to conformity, gender and sex norms. It has one of the most beautiful monologues about the psycology of costumes i quote to my students. Anne Carlisle told us this movie saved her life, before she wanted to die, but meeting the creative forces around this film inspired her again. So in the sprirt of my own recovery from wanting to die i will say this. I am very inspired, i am grateful and I will keep making art. #gradtitude #liquidsky #slavatsukerman #annecharlisle #burlesqueartist #mzkartanddesign #mattknifelikes #vhs #newwave

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